Rescue dog Scarlett rescues her new mom from home intruder

Scarlett was picked up as a stray by PAWS and was high on the list of dogs to be euthanized for space. Jess saw her story and knew right away that she wanted to save Scarlett and give her a FURever home.  Scarlett was vetted and spayed, and her new mom picked her up. Scarlett and Jess quickly bonded and a new lifelong friendship was born.

Last week Jess walked into her kitchen and was confronted by a strange man standing there.  He was a robber that had been hitting her neighborhood.  Scarlett bit the man and chased him out of the house, protecting Jess and saving her from a very scary situation.

Jess loved Scarlett before, but now Scarlett is her hero! These two are clearly the living proof of the saying, “Who rescued who?” It seems both had rescued each other!

There are many beautiful and deserving dogs at PAWS awaiting their forever homes. Please consider adopting a pet and adding a loving companion to your life. They may just rescue you right back!



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