Daisy was rescued after being dropped out of a car

Short-legged “Daisy” was spotted on our usual rounds at Floyd County Animal Control. Volunteer Elizabeth Ard, a terrier enthusiast, saw that Daisy had recently had puppies. But none were to be found in the puppy room located in a separate area of the facility. We later heard a story from a grocery clerk that gave us chills. The clerk shared that she’d seen a small brown dog dropped out of a car when she was taking a break one night while working the late shift. She reported that the dog’s engorged teats nearly dragged the road as she trotted after the accelerating car, speeding away from her, back to where her puppies surely waited.

Daisy was so sad and Elizabeth sensed she missed her young ones. Eliabeth noted Daisy’s pickup location from her I.D. card, gave her a special snuggle, and reassured Daisy that with her cute face and sweet personality she’d find a loving, forever home.

Daisy’s photo and story went viral and Daisy was carried to rescue in a cashmere blanket before the week was up! We are thrilled and excited for Daisy and her new life where she is surely loved and appreciated for the sweet girl that she is.

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