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Claws for Paws has partnered with Animal Companion Rescue and their mission to facilitate rescues and adoptions from Floyd County Animal Control. In 2015, Animal Companion Rescue saved the lives of more than 2,000 abandoned, homeless, and neglected dogs. Funds are needed to continue our efforts. Please consider donating today.



Puppy with severe P.T.S.D finds loving home
Timmy was too frightened to walk. He had Traumatic Stress Disorder. Before coming to Animal Control in a hot truck bed, he’d been free to gambol about the dirt roads and grassy spaces he loved. He m read more
Hambone Dickens finds a new home in Michigan
My mama gave life to us in a discarded oil drum in Lindale, Georgia. We ventured outside it as we grew older. After a man put me in a cardboard box, I blinked in the dark until I found myself lifted o read more
Bella finds her forever home after being abandoned & afraid
Little puppy Bella was the delight of a young woman who, as often happens in a 20 year-old’s life, decided to temporarily “stash” Bella with her mom. Her mom didn't know Bella was deaf, but she read more